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Create 3D printed QR codes!

  • Feb 19 / 2015
  • Comments Off on Create 3D printed QR codes!

Create 3D printed QR codes!


This is the method that I use to generate a 3D model from a QR code.

1) Generate a QR code using a site like (remember, you can create a link to many things, including a website, a text message, a dropbox, etc.)

2) Save the QR to your computer. Open up an image editor and save a version as a .bmp or .jpg

3) Open up Cura, drag and drop the image file onto the bed.

You’re done! Print it out, put it on a window, and scan with your QR app of choice! Alternatively, you could save your platform as an .stl and then edit it onto something you’ve already created.



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